I’m J.J. I Read Tarot Cards. A Lot of People Kinda Don’t Know.

Hey everybody!  

My name’s J.J. and I have been reading Tarot for about a year.  Not professionally, but for friends, acquaintances, anyone who’s been interested in/willing to have a reading done.  I’m not very “out” with my Tarot reading for a lot of reasons:

  1. I was raised in a liberal, hyper-intellectual family where admitting you were spiritual was close to admitting you voted for McCain. 
  2. I don’t really have any “Tarot” friends.  My social networks are way more interested in Bioshock, Shakespeare, Rachel Maddow and 30 Rock.  (I’m into all those things too, to be fair to those earth-bound troglodytes I call my friends.)
  3. I’m a writer and a stand up comedian.  Aaand maybe I missed the crystals episode of the Sarah Silverman show, but being a Tarot Reading sitcom writer doesn’t strike me as a particularly regular occurrence.  

But ever since my sister bought me a Tarot deck last July, I have been over the moon in love with Tarot, and honestly find so much guidance/relaxation in my readings.  I have a Tarot journal, I’ve really started to have my own relationship with my deck and my cards – it’s an awesome feeling.  

Maybe I’m just afraid to ruin my “funny, quirky girl at the party” image with my kooky-new age side.  (And yeah, I just called myself funny – I’m also a self-indulgent Tarot Reading Asshole, apparently.)  So I’m starting this blog to help me discover myself as a Tarot Reader/Tarot Enthusiast and hopefully talk Tarot with a bunch of other kooky new age peeps.  (I swear I’m not actually an asshole, please talk to me.)


Oooo I’m so kooky! (Or maybe this is just a drunk picture from college.)



3 thoughts on “I’m J.J. I Read Tarot Cards. A Lot of People Kinda Don’t Know.

  1. Hey there! I just wanted to wish you good luck with your new blog. I’ve definitely enjoyed chronicling my tarot journey and connecting with other tarot readers.

    I’m kind of like you, no one in my family knows that I do tarot. I’m content to keep it that way, too. I am still very early in my tarot adventure, but I’m learning a lot and I hope to be able to read with fluency by the end of the year. I’m sure you’ll be in good company as you continue to blog your way through becoming more proficient with tarot.

    • Thanks so much! Yeah I’m working on my fluency/intuition at the moment, trying to get a good relationship going with all my decks. Currently I’m working the Barbara Moore Steampunk Tarot and the Shadowscapes Tarot (both are pretty bomb-diggity.)

      • Ohh~ Shadowscapes is what I use, and from what I’ve seen of the Steampunk Tarot it’s very enchanting. If I ever decide to start collecting decks, it’s on my list.

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