Four of Pentacles – Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But It Can Buy IKEA Meatballs

So earlier this week my roommate and I went to IKEA to shop for furniture for our new apartment.  IKEA is a weird, terrifying place.  A place of fake living rooms and weird stuffed animals around every corner.  A place where you can talk yourself into buying a lot of stuff you don’t need – like an orange shag rug, or a cute clown statue, or a creepy leather sofa that belongs on the set of a porno.  (No offense to anyone with a leather sofa.  These were so creepy though.)

I’ve been pretty stressed out about my new apartment.  We were told we could move in immediately (almost a month ago) but now, the landlord is taking his sweet time doing a bunch of repairs and has pushed our move date to December 1st.  It’s within his rights to do that – our lease starts December 1st – but for the meantime, I’m living with my friend’s aunt and living out of a suitcase.

Crystal Visions Tarot Four of Pentacles

So, stressed out beyond all belief, I asked the cards for guidance about my new apartment.  And what should come up but The Four of Pentacles.

First of all, good on you Tarot for giving me Pentacles when I’m stressing out over money, earthly treasures and the general nuts and bolts of living.  Second of all, good on you Tarot, for giving me this card right before I head to IKEA!

The Four of Pentacles is about being closed off, stingy, protective of what you have. It’s about penny-pinching and how it can leave you feeling closed off and miserable.  Penny-pinching can refer to any kind of miserly behavior – emotional, physical, monetary, etc.  It’s good to be frugal, and when the Four of Pentacles shows up in a positive card slot, consider it a compliment.  You know how to save money!  You’re keeping it conservative, and that’s a good thing!

But when you get TOO conservative, well…

I don’t have a lot of disposable income, that’s true.  But I do have two jobs – I’m working as hard as I can to make enough to not only afford my rent and living expenses, but to go out for drinks and dinners with friends, to buy things I like, to afford those little extras that really do make a difference in how you spend your day.  I have a complicated relationship with money.  I think spending too much of it is irresponsible.  Hell, sometimes I think HAVING too much of it is irresponsible.  But that’s a personal flaw that I know I need to work on, especially as I grow into an adult person who’s one day going to want to own a LOT of relatively expensive things (a house, my own car, etc.). I can be reasonable, but if I’m always hording what I’ve earned, never spending, I’m never ENJOYING what my hard work has given me.Four of Pentacles by Persephone the Fish

So when I went into IKEA, I thought to myself “Okay, J.J. Maybe the Four of Pentacles is telling me to be a little nicer to myself about my spending.  I want furniture I’ll love.  I want my apartment to feel like my home.  I need to spend within  my means, but I also need to be ready to let go and enjoy spendin’.”

How did this manifest?  Well, I bought a SLIGHTLY fluffier towel than I would have ($14 what what) AND a tea-light lantern that I love to death and will probably use during readings. ($4).

…So…fluffy towel…lantern… $18 total.  …$20.12 with tax.

I never said I was a high roller, okay?  Maybe I’m still working on my Four of Pentacles thing, jeez.

(Oh, I also got some meatballs. They were like $5.  Totally worth it, obviously.)

Check out my Four of Pentacles Pinterest Gallery Here!


2 thoughts on “Four of Pentacles – Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But It Can Buy IKEA Meatballs

  1. Hi JJ
    I think you did quite well in Ikea. When you have a 4 of P issue then you’d better go in rehab somewhere else. Perhaps in a good New age bookstore for some serious deck hunting 😀

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