A Spread for a New Month!

ImageHey everybody!  Happy Leftovers Day!  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving if you’re American.  Hope you all had a great…Thursday if you’re not.

I’m posting my first spread.  A few days ago, I realized that the upcoming month was going to be pretty big for me: I’m finally moving into my apartment; the non profit I work for is having its conference in January, so the majority of the prep is happening now; I’m starting a new job very soon.  I decided I wanted a little guidance – a little outline so to say for this month.

I used the Dreaming Way Tarot (which I just bought and love, love, love to death).  Here are my results!

Slot 1: Where You Are at the Beginning of This Month
Dreaming Way The Devil

The Devil

Uh oh. A Major Arcana card tells me that something I’m doing going into December is not working for me in a big way.  The Devil is about being trapped by a terrible choice, being chained (literally in this card’s case) by a bad influence.  Some pattern of behavior I’m employing right now is NOT working for me, and it’s negatively impacting my happiness.

What I love about this particular interpretation of The Devil is that the actual Devil is portrayed by a cute, smiling redhead with horns.  She’s devious, but attractive.  Maybe I can’t even tell that which choices I’m making aren’t working for me.   As I head into December, I should be hyper aware of my big life goals/big life choices and wonder if an adjustment is in order.

Slot 2: Part 1 of the Three Defining Events/Characteristics of This Month

Dreaming Way Lovers

The Lovers (Reversed)

WOAH.  Okay, so this is weird.  Why is this weird?  Because The Devil is a natural inversion of The Lovers.  (Check out the imagery even.)  The Lovers is about making choices that make your heart happy, the Devil is about making choices that make your heart sad.  So for me to get the Lovers Reversed…it’s kinda like getting another Devil.

So during this month, I might be tempted to make some major choices that are REALLY destructive.  Maybe The Lovers Reversed is telling me that there definitely are positive choices around me, I’m just not choosing to make them.  I’m getting the sense that during December I’m going to find myself in a state of confusion, maybe feeling a little lost about my life/my trajectory.  This inverted card threw a sense of chaos into my reading.  I need to be hyper aware of my heart/emotions this month and keep an eye out for those bad decisions and avoid them, despite the temptations.  I want to live a lifestyle fueled by the energy of the Lovers, not the Lovers Reversed.

Slot 3: Part 2 of the Three Defining Events/Characteristics of This Month


The Chariot (Reversed)

Ooo, more bad news.  Okay, so this reading is starting to look a little bleak for me.  The Chariot is all about progress, moving forward and overcoming challenges.  The Chariot is what you want to see when you want to go “full speed ahead” on a major life change.

To get it reversed means that I…might not really know where I’m going.  I’m either charging forward without a direction or maybe I’m hesitant to charge at all.  Sometime during December I’m going to find myself challenged by an inability to move forward . Maybe I’ll have a career crisis, maybe my life trajectory will be a little shaken.  Major discouragement might be coming up for me.  I should be prepared.  I’m obviously having a rough time figuring out what’s good for me right now (see cards 1 and 2).  I need to be kind to myself if I’m having a hard time “full speed aheading”.

Slot 4: Part 3 of the Three Defining Events/Characteristics of This Month

Ace of Pentacles Dreaming Way

The Ace of Pentacles

Okay – slightly better news.  An Ace implies a new beginning, which makes a lot of sense considering what I was looking at earlier in the reading.  Maybe all that negative energy/choices have to do with a professional/fiscal problem, considering the Ace of Pentacles is telling me it’s time for a earth-bound change.  Maybe I need to evaluate my budget?  Maybe I need to think about my job (not the one I’m starting, the one I’m working at – they’re both part time)?  Maybe I need to make sure that when I start my new job this month, I am open to it being an incredibly positive experience (I’m pretty sure it will be.)  Or this might be a health issue?  (I really need to go to the dentist y’all.)

An Ace is always hopeful, but it’s also a daunting task.  Look at all that blank space in that card.  I’m starting from scratch on something.  December’s looking like a big month already.  Let’s see how I’m ending things.

Slot 5: Where You Are at the End of This Month

5 of cups Dreaming Way

The Five of Cups

December might be a rough month, guys.  There’s going to be some major re-evaluation going on.  So it’s no wonder at the end of this, I might feel emotionally drained.  The Five of Cups depicts someone who feels emotionally wrecked.  Three spilled cups depict the despondent nature of the figure.  But look!  The other figure is still holding two upright cups.  Not all is lost – there are options left and hope is still there.

I love how there are two figures in this card, both of whom seem a bit lost. There’s the blonde in the back who has tossed her cups aside – perhaps giving up on the situation.  And the brunette in the foreground sadly clinging to whatever she has left.  These are two sides of feeling hopeless.  But at least they have each other.  The women feel hopeless, but the card doesn’t.  I need to keep aware of how many options/opportunities I have left and know that this too shall pass.

Hope you enjoy the spread!  It gives me the “beginning, middle, end” feeling I love with Tarot readings.  If you use it, tell me how it works out for you!


5 thoughts on “A Spread for a New Month!

  1. I like this spread and hopefully December will turn out alright for you.

    Performing this spread I drew in order:
    Two of Pentacles, Seven of Swords, Nine of Wands, Eight of Hearts, Six of Pentacles

    … I’ll post the full interpretation on my website, but I will say here that the cards are telling me about a transformation of the spirit. I know quite well what the spread is referring to. Basically, the cards are telling me it’s time to prepare to move forward.

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