King of Swords – Or “My Tarot is SPECIAL”.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s got a card that seems to ALWAYS come up when doing a self-reading.  It can be a little comforting, a little creepy, a little frustrating all at once, when you do spread after spread and suddenly start to realize that for a deck containing 78 cards, one in particular seems to be showing up more than it should.

For me, that card is the King of Swords.

King Rider Waite

Traditionally, Court Cards can stand for people.  The Kings should especially stand for older masculine figures.  The King of Swords in particular usually displays the following traits:

  • Intellectual, Academic
  • Reserved, level-headed
  • Firm, immovable
  • Eloquent, artful with words and language
  • Cold, distant

So I’m not lying to you when I say that those traits describe almost no prominent older, masculine figure in my life.  My father is DEFINITELY a King of Cups (yay!).  My Grandfather was definitely a King of Swords, but passed away almost ten years ago.  I never met my other grandfather, and all the male teachers that have made the greatest impact on my life have been King of Wands. (I’m in the theatre, after all.)

So the fact that this card – especially THIS version of it from the Steampunk Tarot –

Steampunk King of Swords

always comes up was really disconcerting for awhile.  Until I took a really good look at the imagery in the King of Swords above, and realized a super obvious thing I’d been overlooking.

This King of Swords is writing.  Like, literally.

I’m a writer! A young, aspiring writer to be clear, who has just moved to NYC to pursue my dream of being a playwright.  I know being a professional writer is my dream, but the lifestyle of a working artist can be difficult, since almost no one makes their living writing plays.   I’ve had to take two other jobs to pay my rent, then carve out another chunk of time to write.  I’ve been so distracted by moving, job-hunting, paper-work, budgeting, etc – for almost two months I’ve only had maybe one week of really productive writing, even though I know that’s what gives me the greatest joy and I know that’s what I physically came to NYC to do.

I did a relationship spread for a complicated, long distance romance I’m going through. The two of us were dating before I moved, and while we both agreed it was the best move for my career, we also both agreed that it didn’t make any sense to get into an indefinite long term, long distance relationship.  Confused one night, I did a spread: a card for me, a card for him, and a card in the middle signifying our conflict.  And lo and behold, the conflict card was the King of Swords.

I was weirded out by it at first.  “An older, well-spoken gentlemen is getting in the way of our relationship?”  But now, I think I’m finally getting a grip on what this card means to me and me alone

The King of Swords is my writing career personified.

I mean, that’s why me and my dude broke up.   That’s the reason I came to this city, that’s the reason I’m working so hard to make enough money, that’s the most important thing to me right now.

The King of Swords is good with words – he could be a writer himself.  And I think identifying my career as a King instead of a Page or Knight is a good thing.  I feel fully matured in this decision, I know this is what I want to do.paulina tarot king of swords

Am I saying my Tarot is super-duper special and my cards mean something really precious, sparkly and unique to me and me alone?

Well, maybe in this case.  Yeah, I’m an asshole. 

I don’t give up the traditional interpretations of the King of Swords when I read for other people.  But I know when this card pops up for me, it’s about my writing.  And I need to pay attention to it.

Do you guys have repeat offenders?  Cards you think might be telling you something a little unique?  How is YOUR Tarot the mostest specialest?

Check out my King of Swords Pinterest Gallery Here!


4 thoughts on “King of Swords – Or “My Tarot is SPECIAL”.

  1. What an amazing discovery! Sometimes you just overlook the significant details in a card
    I do have a card that is following me around : the eight of swords. It doesn’t matter which deck I choose, this cards comes up too often.
    I don;t have a very special meaning but it is a clear reminder to let go of limiting beliefs

    • Ugh, Eight of Swords is QUITE the stalker-card. Why can’t we get stalked by the Ten of Cups or Nine of Pentacles or The Sun or whatever?

      What I do love about almost every Eight of Swords interpretation I’ve seen is that there’s usually a very clear way out for the blind-folded figure. They just can’t see it. A glimmer of hope in an otherwise super-downer card.

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