The Emperor – Looks Who’s in Charge

A little bit about J.J.: my favorite version of myself is a person who gets stuff done.  I like to think I have the potential to be assertive, authoritative, in a position to get what I want with enough hard work and perseverance.

So when The Emperor shows up for me, I get a little giddy.

paulina emperor

Who is an Emperor?  Easy.  A king of kings.

We have the four King cards in the minor arcana.  They can stand for masculine figures in our lives, as the Emperor can, but each is usually defined by particular personality traits or characteristics. The Emperor, on the other hand, is more about embodying the best, overarching masculine traits: accomplishing big goals, being responsible, providing for dependents, and being an ultimate leader and patriarchal figure in whatever situation arises.


The Emperor has got it all under control.  He sits on his throne (traditionally adorned with ram heads – a strong, reliable masculine animal) and commands authority.  He’s mature, accomplished, and has the power to get what he wants when he wants it.  Not in an underhanded way, but just by being the kind of person who gets stuff done.

When this card shows up in my readings, I think about big projects coming up for the querent.  An upright Emperor could be telling him or her to put themselves in the mindset of a go-getter, a leader, a person who makes ideas turn into reality.

The fact that he’s a pair with the Empress, a card about fertility, creation, and possibility, it makes sense that the Emperor (number four after the Empress’ number three) is her perfect match.  The Empress has got the idea growing inside her, and the Emperor can’t wait to turn those ideas into reality.

Recently, I got some really good news about an opportunity regarding my writing career.  When I did a reading about it, the Emperor showed up in the “me beginning this process” slot.  I nearly died I was so happy.  I mean, c’mon! Who doesn’t want to be that amazing, mesmerizing, masculine force, busting into the room and going “guys, this is happening and it’s gonna be awesome”.  I took this card to mean that now is the time to be masculine, business-like, and assertive while approaching this new chapter in my career.


Some people think the Emperor is a little smug, a little full of himself and the kind to go “well of course I know better”.  I’ve personally never had that kind of relationship with this card, although I can see how some of the more negative aspects of being an Emperor type could manifest as an arrogant, distant blowhard.

But I love The Emperor.  To me, I’ve always seen all the best qualities of the best father in him: admirable, courageous, responsible – someone who sees his dreams manifest.

There are also negative aspects to the masculine side of the human experience, of course.  But at this moment, I want to embrace the fact that I need that “go get ’em” energy pumping through my veins.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit on my ram throne and stroke my beard.

Check out my Emperor Pinterest Gallery Here!


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