Tarot Panic: What to Do When a Card Stumps Ya

Hey everyone!

I’ve been doing readings for a couple of my friends over the past few weeks, and they’ve all turned out surprisingly well.  Accurate, helpful, and fun for the querent.  I had a bunch had those amazing “aha!!” moments we wait for as readers, where JUST the right card combinations come up to give us a very clear instinct.  Maybe these are those “psychic” moments people talk about so often?

Tarot is a lovely system for giving clarity.  But sometimes, the cards make you work a little harder.  Not every reading can be those happy, easy ones where the cards are practically TELLING you what to say.  Sometimes, you get a reading where things just make you go:


What to do with those readings that stump ya?  A lot of people have a lot of good techniques that don’t include reshuffling (drawing clarity cards, looking for images, etc.) For me, if I’m REALLY stumped, I get as literal as possible with the image.

The other day I did a career reading and in the “best course of action” slot I got…the Eight of Swords.  Well crap.  That doesn’t really make a lot of sense at first glance.   I didn’t really know what to tell the querent.  ‘Uhhh…you should…not…feel trapped?’  That’s not really a course of action, is it?  

8 - Eight of Swords

I took a harder look at the card.  It depicts a woman sitting in a chair, surrounded by swords, wearing a blindfold.  I studied the image VERY carefully until I realized that, quite frankly, if this woman just stood up out of the chair and walked in a straight line, she’d probably be fine.

I told the querent to think of the most obvious solution to their problem.  They came up with one pretty quickly, and of course, a million reasons why that plan wasn’t a good idea (thus why they hadn’t already tried it).  I listened and realized their FIRST solution was honestly probably a good one.  We talked a bit about it, and they had a lot of clarity about how viable that “easy” solution was.

Sometimes, when Tarot stumps me, I figure it’s the cards giving me a wake up call: “you’re overthinking this, jerk.” This is an image based system – LOOK AT THE CARD, DOOFUS.  The cards have their traditional meanings, but when worse comes to worse, maybe the system wants you to go back to Kindergarten and read pictures.


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