Tarot Roadblock – “Honey, I Just Feel Like We’re Not Communicating Right Now.”

Has this ever happened to you? You’re trying to get to know a new deck, so you try a couple readings. They’re all duds.  You can’t understand the imagery, the story of the reading is confusing, you are pretty much up a creek without a paddle.

You begin to panic: “oh no, I’m losing my touch” or “oh no, this deck and I are never going to get along” or “oh no, I knew I could only work with <insert your favorite deck here> after all!”

Terrifying stuff. I recently had this exact experience with The Tarot of the Hidden Realm.

V - The Hierophant

First of all – I love this deck.  I love the guide book, I love the imagery, I love how expressive every character in this Tarot is.  The second I saw images online I knew I needed to have it.

But of course, the second I broke it out for a reading, I felt totally stagnated.  Was it the deck’s fault?  Was it mine?  I wasn’t sure, and it was starting to worry me.

Queen of Swords

Something tells me that I rushed into my relationship with this deck.  I started my journey with it by doing huge spreads – five, six, eight cards at a time.  I was begging to see how all these incredible images worked together.  But the more I tried to read, the more I found myself a little baffled by the characters, realizing I didn’t really know them as well I should.

Overwhelmed by my readings, I gave up on the deck for awhile, leaving it behind for fear that the two of us were just never going to communicate. Last night, I picked it up again, determined to get to know it a little better.  Reading after reading after reading and I felt just as frustrated as before.  Until.

There’s a spread in the back of the guidebook I felt like trying.  For this spread, you have to divide the cards into their suits and pull one from each.  And of course, J.J. screwed it up and let one wands card slip into the cups pile. Of ALL the cards I could have chosen, of course I chose the one botched card.  It turned out to be just the card I needed to see.3 - Three of Wands

Through that little error, my deck communicated to me that we do have a relationship. “All right, J.J., you are botching this right now – but it’s not like we don’t care about you, we just want you to adjust your behavior.”

Even if I’m rushing through getting to know the cards, they’re willing to put up with me if I pump my breaks and take this romance a little slower.

8 - Eight of PentaclesMy plan?  A daily draw with some meditation.  Sleeping near the deck. Shuffling it a couple times a day. I’ve got to make it mine.  And maybe then I’ll be able to communicate with it a little better. (Pssst – the Eight of Pentacles was my draw for the day!  And it was perfect!  Maybe the Tarot hears me after all!)


5 thoughts on “Tarot Roadblock – “Honey, I Just Feel Like We’re Not Communicating Right Now.”

  1. Heck! I didn’t connect with my favorite deck until a year after I got it. Even after two years, I still have lots to learn.

    With a new deck, I only perform readings when I can recall each image by heart.

    • That’s probably a wise decision. Luckily I haven’t run into this roadblock with clients (I don’t read for anyone but myself when I’m getting to know a deck). I need some kind of litmus test for when it and I are “ready” for other people.

  2. I’ve heard a lot of people have trouble with that deck. I’m glad you’ve figured out how to interact with it. I’ve considered purchasing one someday myself. The imagery is so amazing,

    • Really? That’s at least a little comforting. That I’m not the only loser going “noooooo” with this particular deck.

      I really do love it – I think it’s an amazing deck, and yeah, the imagery is absolutely stunning. Here’s to hoping we warm up to each other!

  3. Here is another “loser” I have bought this deck and I’ve send it back to the store because I couldn’t read with it. I loved the imagery too but There were to many people depicted. It looked like a whole deck with court cards.
    Perhaps one day I will buy it again. I wish you lots of luck with the warming up to each other 😀

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