New York City

Bio: Names changed to protect the innocent. Also I like having a Tarot Name. I feel like a super hero. New Tarot reader in New York City. Love giving readings, getting readings, buying Tarot decks. Might start a Youtube channel. I just bent a corner on my King of Swords. I think it's a sign. I'm totally marrying the King of Swords, man.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I recommend marrying the King of Pentacles 😉 hehe

    Hey JJ, I have a sort of odd question for you…Have you noticed the Tower showing up in your readings at a higher frequency as of late? I have noticed it and I have an intuition it is in reference to something bigger than just my personal sphere. I wanted to see what other readers are noticing to check my intuition.

    Other than that, carry on my lovely Tarot friend. I like your page a lot! 🙂

    – K in the Midwest

    • Hey K–

      Weirdly enough, as of today (12/16), the Tower hasn’t come up in my readings for a long, long time. Actually the lack of Tower is more stressful than an abundance of Tower. It’s like it’s lurking.

      Thanks for reading!

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